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"The COVID-19 epidemic and related “shecession” have put the consequences of unequal earnings and occupational segregation into sharp relief." -Institute for Women's Policy Research

Today, #EqualPayDay2021, marks the day when women will have earned the same amount that white men earned at the end of 2020. Women are, on average, paid 82 cents to every dollar their white, male counterpart makes.

The gap widens considerably for communities of color, including the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community -- even though AAPI Equal Pay Day is earlier in March. If you disaggregate AAPI data, it shows that Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander women have some of the highest wage gaps among AAPI women.

This year, COVID-19 has made our racial and socioeconomic wealth gaps starker than ever. The wage gap cannot be explained away. It persists across industry and occupation, regardless of experience or education and has devastating effects of women’s ability to care for themselves and their families.

Join the Women's Leadership Collaborative today to raise awareness of the gender wage gap by engaging in these activities:

  • Change your virtual background and spark conversations during virtual meetings today.

  • Learn about the gender pay gap in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties by reading the recent Wisconsin Policy Forum study commissioned by the WLC.

  • Attend "Salary Negotiation Secrets" tonight from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. with Sasha Parsons Waters, an American Association of University Women (AAUW) certified salary negotiation trainer. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the WLC to support future trainings.

  • Executive leaders: conduct a pay equity audit and/or review your organization's workplace & compensation policies and procedures. Learn best practices here.

  • Watch (or re-watch) Marquette University's Institute for Women's Leadership Pay Equity Series sessions:

    • February 16 - Paycheck Fairness and Equity Audits

    • March 16 - The Impact of Subminimum Wage

P.S. There is just one week left of Women's History Month. Engage in the festivities all month long with the Women's Leadership Collaborative and our collective network of 1,000+ professional women. We are sharing daily content on the WLC Facebook page, and running the WLC WHM Challenge with eight easy actions you can take in recognition of Women's History Month and the women who inspire us. One winner will receive a gift basket of our favorite products from local, women-owned businesses.

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